Tracking Platform


The"NEW GENERATION" of GPS tracking

      • Global Tracking 24/7
      • No monthly fee
      • No contract
      • No SIM card
      • Pay as you use
      • Fast GPS first fix
      • Global connectivity
      • Bluetooth connection
      • Remote NFC tag

Unitraka Limited introduces the next generation GPS Tracker. A super-fast accurate GPS tracking device using the worldwide acclaim u-blox GPS modules together with the latest M2M and IOT technology, we have put together a super design GPS Tracker. From ground up our team of British and Swiss design engineers have developed the hardware, the firmware, the tracking software our own platform and App as well as integrating a truly global multi network data connection capability

We intend to take Unitraka to another level in the GPS tracking industry by designing a quality high end affordable personal and business product for everyday use. Intensive research by our team have quite simply delivered a multipurpose GPS tracker where safety and costs are paramount to our philosophy

UniTraka offers a “PAY AS YOU USE” on-demand track when you need service. No costly monthly contracts. A simple 3 step installation and you’re ready to go


We specialize in making your customised concepts a reality

Unitraka tracking device and platform is a multitask and highly scalable system which can be customized to clients requirement, both hardware and software. Should you require a high-tech, reliable and sophisticated tracking solution, you've come to the right place