Global GPS Tracker

Unitraka GPS Tracker setup procedure:

  • 1. Download 'Unitraka' App, install and create user account
  • 2. Turn on the tracker
  • 3. Pair the smart phone with the tracker via Bluetooth

How to pay and track?

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  • Real time "On-Demand" GPS location update
  • Motion alert
  • User controlled continuous tracking (Start/Stop)
  • Remote NFC tag provisioning
  • Bluetooth
  • Anti GPS jamming
  • Track it anywhere anytime via App and Web platform
  • Fast GPS TTFF (Time-to-first-fix)
Product Specifications
  • Item Weight: 38 Grams
  • Item Dimensions: 65mm x 43mm x 25mm
  • Network Band: UMTS/HSPA 850/1900 and 900/2100 MHz 800/850/900/1900/2100 MHz, GSM 850/1900 and 900/1800 MHz Quad-band, 850/1900, 900/1800 MHz
  • Battery 3.7V 3000mAH Lithium-ion
  • Battery Activity 30hrs
  • Product Warranty: 1 year
  • No SIM card is needed - M2M technology on board
  • Pay as you use - pay per lookup (per location update)
  • Prepaid Lookup Credit
Extra Features
  • Remote NFC tag provisioning
  • NFC tag advantage for asset tracking
  • Free Tracking options - location history FREE DOWNLOAD
In-Box Specifications
  • 1 Unitraka GPS Device
  • 1 Micro USB Charging Cable
Ease of Use
  • Simple startup steps
  • Track it anywhere anytime via App and Web platform
  • Simply pair Unitraka with the phone with Unitraka App
  • Track multiple devices under single login
  • No more hassles to set up via SMS
  • No web registration of SIM card nor device ID
  • Worldwide mobile network coverage 3G-4G
  • Motion alert
  • Connect to 410 networks & 132+ Countries
  • GPS, A-GPS, LBS, BTLE connectivity
  • Latest 4G / IOT / M2M technology
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A. Unitraka Start-up Procedure

  • Download Unitraka App via Google Play or App Store to your smart device
  • Create user account and password
  • Pairing your device- turn on Bluetooth on your smart phone – Open Unitraka App locate scanning devices, press UT button once
  • When UT and app are paired, you are all set to go

B. How to use Unitraka to track your items

  • Place UT with any item you wish to track
  • Make sure UT is turned on at all times
  • Make sure server network is connected (green) App before any command instruction
  • Tracking one-time press track and await last location response
  • You can choose many different tracking options
  • Motion-Alert use this feature to set your vehicle. Any movement (10mm) in the vehicle will alert your app with a warning message
  • To set Motion-Alert make sure Server is connected (green) press UT button once. Bluetooth will connect UT to App send command via Bluetooth this command is free
  • If you forget to set Motion-Alert and now out of Bluetooth range you can send one credit to activate Motion- Alert feature
  • SOS in case of any emergency press UT button repeatedly 3 times this will send warning message to App with last known location

C.LED lighting sequence

  • Turn on UT - flashing green
  • Send command – flashing green -flashing blue- flashing green last know location
  • Set Motion - alert via Bluetooth or via 1 credit - flashing green – flashing red - set - Motion alert – flashing blue- flashing green - warning alert - last know location
  • NFC- flashing green - flashing blue - flashing green message stored
  • SOS- flashing green - flashing blue - flashing green warning sent
  • GEO Fence- flashing green – flashing blue+ red- flashing green
  • Battery power low – flashing green -flashing red
  • Charging Battery – flashing green – flashing green + flashing blue = fully charged

D. Unitraka Remote NFC tag update

  • Scenario 1: Dementia patient carrying a UT. Anyone finds the patient can scan UT via NFC on smart phone. all contact details can be displayed on the phone
  • Scenario 2: Any Item with a UT. be scanned using NFC via smart phone. All details of the item such as its history and owner details can be displayed.
  • NFC tag details can be re-written via our tracking App and web platform. It will only cost 1 credit each time

Tracking Credit Model

No contract
No monthly fee
Pay as you use

All tracking options are charged by “Lookup credit” which can be purchased ( via App or on web platform.

Every new Unitraka comes with 10 pre-loaded lookup credit. You will see the 10 credits under your account as soon as the start-up product is finished

How credits work

  • US$20
    Will add 125 credits to your account
    Average credit price:
  • US$25
    Will add 160 credits to your account
    Average credit price:
  • US$30
    Will add 210 credits to your account
    Average credit price:
  • US$40
    Will add 300 credits to your account
    Average credit price:

How to use your credit and tracking options

On-demand Locating

  • Bluetooth + Motion Alert set-up
  • Out of BT range send SMS to turn on Motion Alert
    1 credit
  • Stop Motion Alert out of BT range
    1 credit
  • On-demand location update
    1 credit
  • Stop Track
    1 credit
  • NFC command update
    1 credit

Continuous Tracking:

  • 30 second tracking
    x 3 minutes
    2 credits
  • 1 - minute tracking
    x 10 minutes
    3 credits
  • 2 - minute tracking
    x 20 minutes
    4 credits
  • 5 - minute tracking
    x 30 minutes
    3 credits
  • 10 - minute tracking
    x 60 minutes
    3 credits
  • 30 - minutes tracking
    x 3 hours
    3 credits
  • 1 - hourly tracking
    x 12 hours
    4 credits
  • 2 - hourly tracking
    x 12 hours
    3 credits
  • 3 - hourly tracking
    x 24 hours
    3 credits
  • 6 - hourly tracking
    x 7 Days
    7 credits
  • 6 - hourly tracking
    x 14 Days
    14 credits
  • 12 - hourly tracking
    x 7 Days
    5 credits
  • 12 - hourly tracking
    x 14 Days
    10 credits

When continuous tracking expires, Unitraka will return to the default on-demand standby mode, waiting for user to initiate a new tracking request.

The standby state of the tracker will not cost any credit, and you never need to worry about next month’s subscription fee when you don’t use it. All unused credits stay in your account